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Global freight forwarding

Global freight forwarders are the key constituents in the supply chain cycle who offer comprehensive logistics solutions in a very efficient and cost-efficient manner towards optimizing customer value. In today’s times, where-in freight solutions are most sought on digital platforms, international freight forwarders have to adapt to technology driven initiatives as technology is the clear enabler of visibility and transparency.

Air, sea, road and rail

Axiss Shipping derives its strength and competitiveness by providing “customer-tailored logistics solutions” across all industry sectors. We are a technology driven company with the global reach of a vast and diversified customer base spanning key global business markets.

We have the strategic and tactical edge to succeed at the core business competencies through the use of technology, which provides us with valuable time and resources to pursue new opportunities, develop and grow businesses and also, get back to building client relationships through personalized services.

Customs brokerage & clearance

Customs brokerage and clearance plays a very significant role in the entire supply chain process. This process includes classification of goods, preparation of documents and electronic data submission with calculation and payment of customs duties and taxes applicable for the consignments landed in the airports/sea ports.

A customs broker is essentially the connecting bridge between customs and port authorities and the exporters/importers.

Axiss Shipping effectively handles the complex domestic and international trade customs compliance processes with promptness and ease to ensure that the consignments are expeditiously cleared. We keep ourselves well abreast with the constantly changing customs rules and regulations through the use of effective technology and systems driven tools to incorporate any changes in the government policies and duty rates structures.

We also provide you the complete assurance of due diligence of customs regulatory compliances in order to ensure that all consignments move in a smooth manner.

Oil & gas logistics

With today’s energy markets more dynamic than ever, with a continuous rise in demands on one hand and resources getting diverse and resources getting diverse as well, there is keen competition in the Oil and Gas logistics. Energy companies worldwide are investing in new technologies in order to balance risks and costs and re-defining the business models by outsourcing logistics assignments to specialist service providers while cutting costs and sharpening their focus on core businesses.

Axiss Shipping being a global leader in integrated energy logistics are well poised to meet specific needs of the energy industry with its extensive networks and proven credentials in the Oil and Gas sector. With our global dedicated team equipped with extensive knowledge of routes, regulatory systems, adherence to appropriate safety standards, you can trust us to move your cargo with care and deliver from origin to final destination regardless of its dimensions.

Project cargo logistics

Project logistics involves unique transportation challenges. Moving project cargo requires collaborative partnerships, attention to engineering and technical details, as well as constant communication across the supply chain. Project logistics is a specialized field of freight forwarding, which requires major mobilizations of handling heavy lift and over dimensional cargos through various modes of transport.

Axiss Shipping has been at the forefront in handling project cargo logistics, focusing predominantly on industries related to energy, power generation, mining and infrastructure projects. We have the requisite expertise in handling turn-key projects through a seamless portfolio of support services right from the budgetary phases, initial planning, to the final delivery of the consignment at the project site. We have over the years achieved operational excellence and high standards of accomplishment during the course of executing various project cargo movements.


Trucking and haulage are the two main constituents of the rail and road freight industry. Freight forwarding arrangements essentially entail trucking and haulage services across various locations in different parts of the world. This significant subsector includes inbound and outbound transportation and fleet management in the overall chain of logistics services.

Axiss Shipping has been actively involved in providing tracking and haulage services both on the domestic front as well as the land borders in various parts of Africa. West African economies, being predominately import oriented, has a huge demand for efficient trucking and haulage services and we play a prominent role in this crucial business segment. Maintaining schedules and managing just-in-time delivery deadlines are crucial in determining high performance standards, which we are in the position to provide to our customers using high quality cutting edge technology with unique customization options.

Ship agency & husbandry

As a vessel owner and /or operator / manager, you cannot always appoint your preferred agency. You might not receive the assistance and feedback from the charterer’s agents that are forced upon yourselves. In these cases our offices can protect your interests by providing you with the assistance where the appointed port agents may fail you.

Charterers Nominated Agency (CNA):

We offer a full agency service, covering all cargo requirements and documentation, inward and outward clearance, ordering of pilot, tugs, stevedores and other services for and on behalf of the Charterer, with the disbursement account being sent to the appointing party.

Owners Nominated Agency (ONA):

Similar in nature to the Charterers Nominated Agency (CNA) service but provided for and on behalf of the ship owner. ONA includes full agency services like CNA.

Owners Protecting Agency (OPA):

A full supervisory service to protect the Ship owner’s interests in monitoring and reviewing the Charterers’ agency function and overseeing all the port activities.

Owners Husbandry Agency (OHA)

A comprehensive Owners’ Husbandry Agency service to ensure dry docking, repairs, spares and stores, crew matters, cash to Master and other Owners’ husbandry requirements are met.

By appointing us as your protecting agents we will:

  • Report on updates on ETA/ETB/ETC and daily cargo operations and issuing SOF
  • Provide the usual scope of husbandry agency services
  • Assist the master and operator in obtaining the fastest turnaround.

Verify and take charge of the administrative and financial matters: 

On request we can pay on your behalf and verify PDA and FDA of the charterer’s agent on correctness and completeness.

Consolidation & groupage

Consolidation and groupage services significantly reduce the cost of shipping goods in smaller volumes and carrying several consignments together in a marine container. Combining smaller cargo lots of different shippers and consignees into a single lot is popularly known as LCL consolidation service. It effectively implies that one pays for the space of the actual occupation of goods and each consignee gets his own bill of laden once the container arrives at its final destination and the consignments are distributed in accordance of the individual bills of laden issued.

Axiss Shipping, with its vast network of international agency partners coupled with strong business relationships with all the major international shipping lines and ocean carriers, has the edge to offer competitive rates and unparalleled service deliveries to and from a multitude of origins and destinations. Our consolidation hubs complement our range of sea freight services in terms of groupage logistics. Backed by our worldwide network of specialized agents, we effectively manage the import and export flows of LCL consignments in various parts of the world.


Warehousing is an integral component of the global logistics supply chain. With long global lead times for raw materials and finished goods, companies are literally compelled to carry high levels of working capitals to support their products getting into the markets. Adequate warehousing arrangements help the companies to get the materials in accordance with the just-in-time (JIT concept) to enable them offer their products at more competitive prices.

Axiss Shipping through our global network of wholly owned and third party warehousing facilities is capable to store and manage raw materials and finished products closer to the factory and business locations in order to ensure having the lead-time access to inventory on demand. Besides, we have the state of the art temperature controlled Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) for the storage of sensitive good such as pharmaceuticals and perishables, as well as other specialized facilities for the storage of clothes and hangers in most of our warehousing facilities.

Competitive door-to-door solutions for all your airfreight needs

We cut out frustration by offering you a single point of contact for questions and updates during your air shipment no phone tag, no confusion, just answers and results that travel with your air cargo shipment.

Our dedicated team is comprised of professionals that understand every aspect of air cargo shipping, with each member ready to learn about the unique needs of your business, as well. We want to deliver more than just the air cargo you contacted us for, we want to deliver satisfaction, trust, and a strong business partnership that will endure long after your shipment.

Air charters

Air charter is the business of renting an entire aircraft. While the airlines specialize in selling transportation in terms of seat space, air charter companies focus on individual private aircrafts and itineraries, urgent or time sensitive cargos and other forms of ad-hoc transportation. Air charter companies offer a large variety of aircrafts such helicopters and business jets.

Axiss Shipping, as a leading aviation services provider, offers effective and economical services especially with regard to air transportation of equipment in the Oil and Gas and the mining industry. Our air charter team enables our customers to work out their own cargo transport schedules and use the most convenient ports thereby making the charter flights ideal for onshore and offshore projects.

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